Behind The Name Maison Zoo

It sounds like: May-Zon Zu

Maison is French for house.

Zoo, short for zoological garden of animals; relating to animal life.

Rooted In A Love For Life

I have always loved animals. Since I was a girl, I have had just about every kind of pet a girl can imagine: rats, hamsters, mice, gerbils, birds, dogs, cats, fish...

When I met Franck, I brought two dogs with me into the relationship: Peaches and Gwen.

Then, we had a daughter and added a son.

Since then, the family has adopted more pets.

A love for animals and kids is at the heart of the Juvin-Acker family.

Today, we have two cats [Luna and Andromeda], three dogs [Goldie the bulldog, Penny the maltipoo, Zen the blind silver Labrador], two aquariums, a pond, 10 cockatiels, and two kids H & D.

Nature teaches us so many lessons. A respect and admiration for nature teaches us core principals for getting along with people from all walks of life and at all stages of living.

We like to think that Earth is our home and humanity is our family. With this in mind, we look at ourselves and others in a different way. We want to convey this assumption and feeling in all we do.

Our home has what our friends have called a zoo for big, diverse home.

Thus, we called our brand: Maison Zoo.

Maison Zoo is a fun, diverse place to feel free to share, express, and explore.

Join us as we explore life and learn to love ourselves and others at every step of the way.

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