A World of Our Own: The Maison Zoo Origin Story

In this blog post, I share our story for starting the Maison Zoo blog and brand and what we hope to give to our readers.

How My Family Influenced My Work

For a portion of my career as a career and life coach, my office was located in the back side of our house. I had hundreds of clients who got to meet my children, pets, and husband. They discovered my life and our personal brand of living life together as a family.

One year, Daniel Beavers was at his wits end. He was lost, confused, scared, and overwhelmed by his thoughts, feelings, and emotions. He called me and asked - just short of begging - for my help. At this point, I was semi-retired so that I could focus on my law school education. I worked very occasionally with individuals, but primarily focused on families in crisis. I spend the other part of my time volunteering at my kid’s school and our church. My main priority in life at that point was being present for my family without a large practice to manage and a social media machine to feed.

Daniel needed intense intervention. He didn’t have the resources to hire me as a coach, so I told him that I’d make a deal with him: he could come and stay at my home and get intense coaching with me as long as he allowed me to teach him on camera so that everything I shared and that he learned would be available to the world as a gift. He agreed to co-creating what is known today as the Valuable Insight webseries.

A few days later, I picked Daniel up at San Diego International Airport. We hit it off instantly and became instant friends. I brought him to the beach to meet my family and we simply treated him like family. We fed him, housed him, listened to him, comforted him, and gave him the space to go through his feelings and thoughts. We laughed with him and cried with him. We loved this young man, our friend, who was a perfect stranger just the day before.

Daniel transformed his life with the insight he gained from his time with us. He is now financially successful, in a stable relationship, he has a great job, he is living confidently, creatively, and peacefully in his own skin.

Daniel credits the energy of our home and family for giving his life a reset.

Daniel is not the only person who I have welcomed into my home and family for intensive healing. These individuals gained the benefit of knowing what a loving home feels and looks like. Anchoring feelings of love, support, acceptance does wonders for an individual who may come upon times of feeling alone and confused.

A Happy Family Is The Greatest Accomplishment

A loving family is something money can’t buy. It is only cultivated, like a beautiful garden, day by day, moment by moment, choice by choice. We do not promise picture perfection. We only promise unconditional love, authenticity, and transparency in all its messy, silly, genuine form.

The great sleeping psychic Edgar Cayce once said that a soul’s greatest accomplishment on Earth is creating a happy family. We agree with this statement wholeheartedly. After many years of coaching executives with unhappy homes, I have often asked, “What’s the point of gaining fame and fortune when you don’t have anyone to share it with?”

I know what it feels like to come from a broken home. I know what it feels like to have a loving, psychologically safe home. With the Maison Zoo blog and brand we plan to share our experiences, stories, recipes, ideals and values so you can take what you need and use it in your life. We hope to empower anyone who doesn’t feel like they belong to create a sense of belonging in their lives and create a unique, happy family of their own.

Maison Zoo Is A World of Our Own

The world outside of our doors can be a scary, mean-spirited, violent place. Maison Zoo, for our family, is a world of our own. We want to help you create a world of your own that is safe, loving, and plentiful.

Our work as individuals and as a family is truly accomplished one person at a time. This blog and our brand allows us to reach as many people as possible, as fast as possible. Thank you for joining us in this endeavor to spread the feeling of family across the globe.

Your friend,


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