The Maison Zoo Story

A story of two children who helped two parents make a family.

Get to know our family, our journey, and lessons learned along the way.

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The Maison Zoo Brand

A World of Our Own

Maison Zoo is a family brand of Leslie Inc. created by Leslie Juvin-Acker and Franck Juvin-Acker. We believe that family is more than a group of people who share a biological origin. Family is an environment where each unique individual can thrive. Family is a feeling and we hope to impart that feeling to our friends and community through stories and products.


About The Maison Zoo Blog

Leslie and Franck Juvin-Acker are just two parents chronicling their:

  • failures

  • life lessons

  • personal stories

  • values & ideas

  • projects

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Perfectly Natural

Escaping The Trap of Picture Perfect Parenting

Each culture presents its own version of what a picture perfect life looks like. These standards can be overwhelming, unreasonable, and feel unnatural. Parents and children find themselves being someone they are not and living lives they do not want.

Leslie and Franck Juvin-Acker offer a more natural outlook on building a family foundation, parenting emotionally intelligent and resilient kids, and fostering a marriage/partnership.

Our goal is to help you develop emotional intelligence, spiritual curiosity, and self-confidence.

We hope that sharing our journey allows your family to imagine and co-create a lifestyle that is enjoyable and healthy for you. We want to help you figure out what life your family wants to create and experience and feel confident to GO FOR IT!


Our Values

Creating Psychological Safety To Grow Throughout The Entire Life Experience

There are extremes of parenting found all over social media.

Some extremes include consumerism and materialism (attachment to and identification with material objects) that ignores emotional and spiritual needs to controlling a child's voice, identity, and life choices through fear and intimidation. On those extremes, there is a lack of psychological safety where children and parents can feel safe to share their feelings, overcome challenges, and express their authentic self.

Psychological safety is a space where families can grow during the entire spectrum of life (from birth to death). We want to chronicle this journey and share the lessons we learned along the way.


Free To Be Unique

We understand every family is unique. Therefore, we will not:

  1. pretend to be parenting experts

  2. try to convert or change your mind about anything

  3. tell you how you should feel about yourself or anything